Sam Caesar / Samuel Caesar Hav

Creative Tinkerer / Digital Thinker

All About Sam

Sam Caesar (aka: Samuel Caesar Hav. aka: Samuel Caesar Nørgaard), has yet to do anything remarkable in his life, outside of making small clones of himself.

Wikipedia turned him down, so for this reason he has decided to take matters into his own hands and dedicate a website to all things Sam. Feel free to browse around, read a blog, look at some photography, and laugh at his face.

From ‘@samcaesar’ on Twitter to ‘samcaesar’ on Instagram, if you need to know what Mr. Caesar is up to in the real world, chances are, you will be able to find out through at least one of the sources on this page.

Social Media

Being a social butterfly, and self professed geek Samuel Hav (Or should it be Samuel has…) has spread himself across a multitude of social media sites, with varying degrees of commitment.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘I want to see what Sam sees, then this is the place to look. Instagram is where you can find Sam most often, indulging in his amateur photography hobby and helping to make the world a little bit more curious, one picture at a time.

Prepare To Be #Confused

Want to be friends? Facebook is where you can find out all about Sam’s life. Don’t worry, it’s not creepy. With everything from updates on where he lives to a glimpse of ‘Weekend Sam’, you won’t regret paying a visit. Go on, send him a request. 

Please Don't Poke

The ‘professional’ social network you say? More like the hunting ground for recruitment agencies in our experience. If you are a real life human being, and you would like to delve into Sam’s professional endeavours, head over to Linkedin to see Sam sharing his words of stupidity wisdom on all things digital from the comfort of your own home, train, or even your desk. Don’t forget to link up, and check back to make sure that you don’t miss any of his latest updates. 

Are you 'In'?

Google+ is the perfect place to find out more about the man himself. Whether you just want to get in touch, find out more about the man, or simply add him to your circles, this is another dying platform awesome place to get in touch with Sam.

+1 For Effort

Not really a social network, but worth knowing about. If you ever begged, borrowed or stole from Samuel, and were wondering how you could repay him…well today is your lucky day! Perhaps you’d rather just buy Sam a coffee (or pizza) due to your kind-hearted nature? Paypal is the simplest way to do just that.

Pay'ol Caesar

Whether you use Twitter to catch up with the news or to sum up your life as a movie title, add @samcaesar to make sure that you’re picking up what the twit is tweeting out. From snippets of digital expertise to tech updates (and a whole lot of GIFs) you’ll find it on Twitter. 

Twit Twit Twoo

Did you know, Sam occasionally hosts 'Giant Thursday'?

Read Sam's Blog

For anyone that knows Sam personally, It won’t come as a surprise that he also has a fancy blog. For someone who does not earn his living through his words, Mr. Caesar has a lot to say. Feel free to immerse yourself in his latest posts below, or click here to see how far the rabbit hole really goes.

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