We’ve entered that time of year again, when we’re all inundated with lists, resolutions and predictions for 2018. So I reasoned that if you can’t beat them, join them! Welcome to my 2018 ‘state of digital’.

2018 is the year you get bored of hearing about AI and machine learning

For 3 years running, Google professed it to be the “year of mobile” and touted that the ‘mobile first’ approach was the way forward. Fast forward into 2018, and we no longer hear them talking about mobile as the next big thing, because it’s the current reality. Google have moved on to touting the next hot buzzword: AI and machine learning. We all heard these terms thrown about quite a lot in 2017, with a major part of Google IO centered around the topic, but 2018 is where we actually see the application of this in more meaningful and practical ways that affect everyday users.
Google is already identifying cancer using AI and machine learning, so imagine what it’ll be able to do in terms of understanding the world around us. Products like Google Lens, have only scratched the surface – expect much, much more!

Everyone is listening to you, all the time

Christmas season 2017 saw the veritable flood, of virtual-assistant based stocking fillers, namely the the Amazon Echo Dot, and Google Home Mini. Imagine how many major players now have unprecedented eavesdropping access to millions of households around the globe. This will, i repeat will be used for advertising purposes, as this is every marketers dream, and the next natural evolution of privacy intrusion. In 2000, our biggest foe was pop-ups and banners. 2018 is the beginning of the eavesdrop ads.

Burger King pulled that stunt last year that triggered everyones Google assistant (that ended up being blocked). Expect more people trying to leverage this untapped potential in new creative and smart ways.

Final Thoughts

The year 2018, may just be the year Apple release a phone that is worth buying…

Just kidding. I’m a fan of modern technology, not last years repackaged outdated tech. *cough* iPhone SE *cough*